Monday, July 20, 2015

March 2nd 2015

Wow what a week! I was still sick for the first half but quickly got over it. I am still trying to get sleep at night, the NyQuil was helping for a while but now that i am no longer sick i need to find something else to help me. despite my sleepiness and sickness, i tried my hardest to work and serve and teach, and in the end it really paid off. 

This week we were finally able to meet with a couple of our investigators, Pattie and Kevin. We met Kevin on Friday. His wife, Michelle, is really inactive. And she is crazy... but not in a bad way. She gets distracted very easily and lead the conversation in 50 different places. Kevin, however was very focused. He has met with the missionaries before but he was not as ready or prepared then. He is really focused and determined to follow through with it this time and i feel like he is really prepared. during the lesson, despite all of Michelle's distractions, I extended my first baptism invite!! Honestly i wasn't too nervous for it. it kind of just happened and felt right.  What was even better is that he said that he would get baptized on March 21st! I am so happy and excited for him finally taking control of his life and making the changes necessary for baptism. Both Kevin and Michelle came to church yesterday and stayed for all 3 hours. They said that it was really long but i think that they enjoyed it a lot. 

On Saturday we were able to meet with Pattie again. We taught her the first lesson and the spirit was SO STRONG!  For the second time in 24 hours, i extended the invitation of baptism. And again for a second time, the answer was yes! It is wonderful how the Lord works in preparing these people to hear and accept this gospel. She did not, however, come to church. :(  so we no longer have a set date for her. it was originally the 21st but since she didn't come to church we have to move it. Right before i got on to email she called us and was asking us about how many people she can invite to her baptism and if there will be room enough for a lot of people. It has only been two days and she is already telling her friends and family about it! 

At church we met Megan. She has come with her friend once before to church and wants to begin the missionary discussions. We have a time set to meet with her this week. She is awesome and we just connected automatically. I am so happy to get to teach her and see her progression. 

I SHOVELED MY FIRST DRIVEWAY! (and might i add, it was horrible.) i don't know how people can do it so much here. It is tiring and useless. we shoveled it, went inside and taught a 10 minute lesson, and when we came back outside it started to snow again and the driveway was exactly as it was before we shoveled it. It was fun getting to do some service though. 

Speaking of service... on Thursday night, we were driving from an appointment and we passed the Spanish Elders car. The night before we had challenged a part member family to choose someone in their family and do a kind deed for them. The father turned the challenge on us and asked us to do the same thing with some other missionaries. So this was a perfect opportunity. we pulled over, wrote little encouraging notes on some sticky notes and put them on the windows. then we got some of our hot-hands and put them on the windshield. Not too sure how long they had been inside, we went tried to visit some less active members and on our way back, we saw the elders come out of the house and walk to their car. So we pulled over to watch what would happen. it wasn't too interesting... they just saw the notes and the hot-hands, got in their car, and left. No matter what the outcome, service always brings great feelings into your heart. We don't get many opportunities to do service for the community here but we have got to serve our ward members and fellow missionaries quite a bit and it is so wonderful. 

On Friday a strange thing happened. Sister Migao's Dad and Sister took us to dinner. (Yes we had permission from the mission president).  They were in town for her sisters volleyball tournament. Her dad is not a member so President Mendenhall thought it would be a good idea for him to see Sister Migao and how she has changed.  It was mainly for him but i could tell that she needed it too. 

Saturday morning i got to see the Elders from the MTC again! I was missing them a lot... it was awesome to be back with them and get to talk about how our missions are going. They are doing great, as suspected, and one has already had two baptisms. 

Well it has been a great week... i am ready for what the new one has in store :) 

Love to all!

Sister Smithson

p.s. Thank you Mom and Sister Curry for the letter and Ali for the package!! Have a wonderful day!

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