Monday, July 20, 2015

March 23rd 2015


I can hardly see my keyboard right now. My eyes are full of tears. This week (I think on Friday) I had a dream. I was out proselyting with my comp (It wasnt Sister Migao just a random person) and a man came up to us and we were talking. Things happened and he got really angry with us. But right before he was about to rip up the BOM we had given to him, he got this horrific look on his face. He was looking slightly above our heads and was wide eyes and white. He slowly backed up and then started running into his home. I was confused so as he backed up i looked behind me and saw an angel standing right between me and my comp. When i saw her face, I instantly knew that it was Madisen. There was no doubt. The reason i am crying right now is because in my dream, she looked exactly how you just described her. I know her smile mom. And it is beautiful, she is beautiful. 

This week was pretty good! We had a Sisters Conference on Tuesday and it was really long but really good. One Wednesday we got to go to the temple. It was amazing and i definitely missed it. Afterwards we went to Deseret Book and when we got there, the place was filled with missionaries! Thursday was a pretty good day also. We had a Zone meeting which lasted forever. Before it started, Sister Migao and I went and set up the tables and chairs and brought some snacks for everyone. The snacks helped with the meeting being so long. but it was pretty good anyways! 

On Saturday morning, we got a very sad voicemail. Pattie called us and said that she wasnt going to continue taking the lessons. She hasnt been putting her all into them and since she is moving to Cali for 6 months there is a lot going on. So i was in a mode of depression for a little bit that morning. I never thought that it would pain me so much to have someone that i love and care for reject the gospel. Especially when they have a testimony of it and know that it is true. It was a rough morning for me but i was able to get past it and get back to work. 

Kevin is doing wonderful! We committed him to stop smoking and he and his wife are struggling but they are doing it! I cant imagine how hard that must be for them. But when you know that it is the right thing to do, you do it without question. They were at church again this week and met many more people! I think that they are starting to feel more comfortable here. 

Megan is, as always, doing fantastic! We decided this week that she isnt a golden investigator. She is platinum! She pretty much teaches us the lessons when we visit with her. She has been so prepared for this!! 

They are both getting baptized on Saturday and i am overjoyed! Seeing how far they have come from when they first met with us is amazing. The gospel is so true and i have seen God's love work in their lives every time i see them! 

Since being out i have grow a strong love and appreciation for the 10 commandments and other commandments we have been given. I think of the word "Commandment" and substitute it for the word "Way". I am no longer following rules, but i am now following God's way. and as i follow his way, i become more like him and grow closer to him. It makes the commandments much more meaningful and personal.

This week is going to be a good one!! I love you! 

Sister Smithson

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