Monday, July 20, 2015

February 17th 2015

So i have finished my MTC training and am now officially in the field. My last week in the MTC was pretty tough but i learned so much. Sister Dumas and I had another hard Saturday but we endured through it and Sunday came and fixed it all again.  

So i had to say goodbye to everyone at the MTC on Sunday and it was so hard to do! I saw Brooke a lot during the day and at the end of it we finally got our picture at the map! I did not see Clarissa... :(  i looked for her everywhere but couldnt find her. Saying goodbye to my district was probably the hardest part of the day. Before Devotional we had a District testimony meeting and i think we all, at one point, started to cry. It was so spiritual!  Because of the testimony meeting, we were a little bit late for the Devotional but it was still a great talk. He talked about loving our companion and always trying to serve him/her. so once again we all got teary-eyed. Before we all departed to our residence halls, we all went back to the classroom and had our last district prayer and said our last goodbyes. (More tears). Then it was bedtime. 

Monday morning was hectic! The bus was supposed to leave at 2:30 so i planned on waking up at 2.  My plan was to be quiet and not wake anyone up and leave without anyone really knowing.... that didnt happen.  My alarm didnt go off so at 2:35 i woke up to banging on my door. Sister Dumas opened it and random girls said that there were 3 Elders waiting outside for me. (These Elders were in my District and were going to my mission with me). So frantically i jump out of bed (Not really i was on the top bunk so that would have hurt if i actually jumped out), threw the random stuff from the night before into my bags and as i was doing this the Hermanas in my room woke up and helped me finish packing and helped with my bedding stuff, then i left. Sister Dumas came with me to the bus and saying goodbye to her was something i did not want to do. Sadly i had to. So more tears and goodbyes. (Aren't the Hermanas and Sister Dumas the best?!?!)

So the trek to the airport was long and boring. The waiting at the Airport was even longer and more boring. However, the best part of the day was getting to call my family!! I talked with them when it was 4:30 there... sorry family! But it was so awesome and made me really happy that they answered :) I got to Denver around 8 and met the mission president and his wife. They are super nice and awesome! then we went to the mission home and i met my new companion Sister Migao! She is super Awesome and fun. We get along really well so far :) She is from San Diego, CA so that was pretty cool (I keep getting California companions:P). I am not in a district or zone with any of my Elders from the MTC. :( but i will get to see them sometime during the next two transfers for a meeting. 

This morning after studies we went and helped an older sister in the ward practice studying english for a driving test thing. She speaks mostly spanish so it was really hard understanding what she was saying. but at the same time i understood a lot of the words that she used. It was when she said sentences that i didnt understand anything. 

So i am serving in Aurora right now and it is beautiful! It snowed quite a few inches yesterday after it had been in the 60s the entire week before. (The snow came just to welcome me!) I am already moved in and settled so now i just have to get food to eat and ill be good! 

I am glad that you all had a fun holiday off of school and work! Quading is always a blast! 

I am so happy to be out of the MTC and get some real food! the food there was horrible (Besides the chocolate milk, ice cream, and tater tots). On Saturday the bookstore was closed and Sister Dumas had to buy a few things so we went to the front desk to see if they would open it for a minute so that she could get her things but instead they called a driver to take us to rite aide. It was so weird being out of the MTC and being around normal people! the driver was pretty cool... his name is Clark. (Not Superman). He had sass and made the trip fun for Sister Dumas and I. 

Well I love you all!!! Wish me luck on my first week in the field! I'm praying for you all:)

Sister Smithson

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