Monday, July 20, 2015

April 13th 2015

So Sister Migao is now in a cast. Her ankle hadn't healed at all so they made it completely immobile. But they told her that she can still walk on it as much as she wants to. It will be in the cast for 4 weeks and then back to the boot for 6 more weeks and then she has physical therapy. It seems to be in more pain than it was before. She still doesnt sleep... Like at all! I stayed up one night this week because i wanted to see just how much sleep she got. She didnt sleep until the sun came up. she fell asleep finally at 6 am. 

So last week i took this stress test for adjusting to missionary life and it said that i was in the red. which is the worst stress point. I feel like i am always in the red though. my entire life i have been in the red. So it didnt really phase me that it is that bad. Seems pretty normal to me haha! 

We got a car on Friday! that has helped a lot. This week, we had 3 days where we couldnt do anything because it hurt her too much to walk on her ankle and we also needed to give it some time to rest and heal a bit. So we literally sat in our apartment for 3 days. Doing nothing. So the car has definitely helped us to get out and do missionary work. 

We havnt found a new investigator yet but we were able to get in contact with a past investigator Pattie and she wants to pick back up on the lessons this week. That is good! and she was telling us that she should have just gotten baptized and not waited. (Fingers crossed that she will get baptized!!!)

Well that has been my week.

Bbbuuuuuttttt, I am getting through it! I still wear a smile everyday. And we are getting a lot of support from our leaders and our ward. I have really tried to get to know the STLs better and they have been helping a lot. When we were stuck inside for 3 days, they came and talked with us and made it better than it would have been. The work is picking up and hopefully this week we do much better. 

Saturday we had a follow up trainers meeting. So i got to see the Elders again! Elder Bluhm wasnt there because he is on fire and had 2 more baptisms (They are numbers 7 & 8 since he has been out). But it was a lot of fun getting to see the other 2 again. We get to go to the temple on Wednesday. I need it! Dont know what we will be doing though because im not sure that a purple cast is in the color scheme of things there. But i am still really excited to go there and just be in The Lords house.  I am hoping to get to see the Elders this time! 

Also we are planning on taking Michelle and Kevin to dinner on Tuesday and go see the temple. (Yes mom they are married). Last week was crazy for everyone, not just us. So it didnt happen again. 

This week is going to be much better! Much much better! 

I hope you all have a most wonderful week as well! 

Sister Smithson

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