Monday, July 20, 2015

February 23rd 2015

So the fist week has been accomplished! It started out great! Tuesday night was mutual so we went to go and meet the bishop of the ward but instead we ended up talking with a less active member of the ward for about 30 minutes and we set up a time to meet with her later in the week. I was not able to meet the bishop but instead was blessed by finding this member. On Wednesday we got a new investigator and she is golden! Her name is Pattie and she was found by Elders during a Zone Blits a while ago and was given a BOM. (A blits is where the zone gets together and tracts an area for an hour. they are fun!) She called The Sisters and asked if you could read more than just the Introduction of the book. When we visited with her, she had read the first two chapters and told us how she was praying for some spiritual guidance when the Elders knocked on her door. So i am excited to get to teacher her!!  Thursday, we were able to meet with other less active members in the ward. They are an old couple that never goes to church. Whenever anyone tries to visit them, they tell them to leave right away. We ended up talking with them for about and hour and a half about their friends conversion stories and even their own stories of coming into the church! It was wonderful! As we were leaving, Sister Migao asked if we could come back and teach them the lessons so that i could practice... they said yes!! What miracles!! We met with them on Friday and taught them the first lesson in PMG. It went very well! 

That is when the luck ended. I. got. sick. Both Sister Migao and I ended up getting sick on Saturday morning and it made working very difficult. Also, we got a snow storm! I did not stop Snowing from Saturday around noon to this morning. Saturday night was the worst... we got a text from the office telling us to park our cars and stay in our apartments. CRAZY! I love the snow... it has been beautiful and cold here. We have been safe and doing our best with the snow and being sick. Because of the snow, we were not able to teach anyone saturday afternoon or sunday afternoon. It was tough but we did a lot of studying. 

There is an old missionary couple (Elder and Sister Nelson) that live in our ward and in our apartment complex. They are so amazing and i have gotten to know them a lot this weekend! Elder Nelson is the mission doctor so we visited with them last night to see how to get better and how i can start sleeping better as well. They are helping me a lot with my transition into the missionary life. 

Well i have a good feeling about this week. It will be a good one :) 

Love you all!! 
Sister Smithson

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