Monday, July 20, 2015

February 11th 2015

Well, here is Sister Brittani Smithson's first email. I am also adding her mission address just in case you are interested in using snail mail. Missionaries love hand written letters.

Sister Brittani Smithson
Colorado Denver North Mission
1250 Main St.
Broomfield, CO. 80020


Dear Family,

That is so exciting about camp!! I wish I could go but at the same time I am happy that I am not going. I never would have guessed that dad would get to go! That is awesome!  Whitewashed?? All of them?? that is crazy! Ya sister Green is the short blonde... I'm sure you will like her :) Who is her companion? and who are the Elders? Shelbie mentioned that one of them is a greeny.  how fun!! maybe i saw him here... but i doubt it.

Keep going with the studies mom!! The other day I got to have a skype lesson with a member and she started speaking to us in Mandarin so that was fun! I know that you will get it back soon:) I see Clarissa pretty much every day! and every time I see her it is in a different spot. I also run into Brooke most days. We live in the same building so there have been a couple of times that we visit each others rooms.  I have not gotten pictures with them yet... I haven't taken very many pictures. 

So my companion is great! Her name is Sister Dumas. She is from Southern California, her middle name is Lynn, her mom served her mission in Taiwan, her sister served in New York. Every day we find out something that is similar about us. We get along very well and work great together. My district is kind of crazy but we all are really good friends. I am learning a lot from my teachers and classes. I have 3 "investigators" right now and it is crazy teaching them.  It has been a fun week, crazy and tiring, but fun. 

I am Sister Trainer Leader here and I am not sure what that means buy I love the chance to serve. So far I am the only sister going to Denver North. There are three elders in my district going to my mission and two are going to Fort Collins. All the other sisters are going to Minnesota, bummer.

Well... not too much happens here in the MTC. My p-day is on Wednesday but I probably will not have another p-day for two weeks.
 I love you Mom, Dad and family!! Unit number is 117... I think. 

Sister Smithson

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